24h Galicia.

24h Galicia.

"Sumar Galicia sella su coalición y destaca su debut en Vigo junto a Díaz y Errejón el 12 de noviembre"

Movemento Sumar Galicia, Esquerda Unida and Verdes Equo have officially formalized the Sumar Galicia coalition for the upcoming regional elections in Galicia on February 18th. The agreement reserves the second and fifth positions in the Pontevedra list, the third and fifth in A Coruña, two positions in Ourense, and none in Lugo.

The coalition's candidate for the Presidency of the Xunta de Galicia will be Marta Lois. Podemos, however, has decided not to join the coalition after its members rejected the idea. Podemos will now run independently in the elections, with Isabel Faraldo as their candidate.

Sumar Galicia emphasizes that their electoral lists will be "plural and representative" of the entire political spectrum. The lists will be revealed in the coming days, following the electoral regulations.

Sumar Galicia describes itself as "a broad space that includes individuals and organizations who share the values of progressivism, the national recognition of Galicia within a plurinational state, and the promotion of human rights in social, political, cultural, and institutional fields."

The participating political forces argue that Sumar Galicia is a political and citizen project that aims to transform Galician society and put an end to the 14-year rule of the Popular Party, led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo and his successors, who have implemented policies detrimental to the Galician population.

In a context where Galicians have various left-wing options, Sumar Galicia claims it is "essential" to concentrate all progressive, left-wing, feminist, and ecologist votes, as well as those who support a plurinational state, in favor of Sumar Galicia.

"The stronger Sumar Galicia is, the more likely the change in political leadership will be," the coalition states. They aim to provide Galicia with the progressive government demanded by the majority of citizens and develop useful and transformative policies for the advancement of society and the country.

According to Europa Press, the agreement guarantees the second and fifth positions in the Pontevedra constituency to EU, the third and fifth positions in A Coruña, and two positions in Ourense. However, as the previous agreement with Podemos (which was rejected by the party's base) reserved the lead position in the Lugo province for EU, they do not have any guaranteed positions in that province under the new coalition. The rest of the candidacies will be based on representativeness and territoriality criteria.

The economic aspect of the coalition ensures that EU will receive an annual subsidy of no less than 46,000 euros from all the resources received if Sumar Galicia enters the regional parliament.

Following the coalition's registration, Marta Lois will be officially presented as the candidate on January 12th in Vigo. The event will feature Vice President Yolanda Díaz and Íñigo Errejón and will take place at the Mar de Vigo Auditorium.

The coalition states that key national leaders of Sumar Galicia have been instructed to actively participate in the Galician campaign, which they consider a top priority due to the "possibility of political change in the Xunta." As a result, they intend to give their full support to Lois and reinforce her campaign at the highest level throughout the organization.